It’s the ballpark!

You see that? That is Ameriquest Field, which was formerly known as The Ballpark in Arlington. Ameriquest is primarily known as a “hitter’s park,” and rightfully so. I blame the short dimensions, and the wind gusts created by the park’s design.

Now, how is this important? Well fans, it’s because of this “hitter’s park” that good, quality pitchers refuse to come pitch here. You may say that the Rangers have always lacked pitching, even before April 1, 1994, when the new ballpark was opened. (I was there) Not true! Back in the days of old Turnpike Stadium turned Arlington Stadium, the Rangers had some okay pitching. Just a few names for you: David Clyde, Tom Henke (before Doug Rader ran him out of town), Gaylord Perry, Fergie Jenkins, Charlie Hough, Rich Gossage, Kenny Rogers, Kevin Brown, Jeff Russell, Bobby Witt, and the great Nolan Ryan.

After The Ballpark was erected, things went downhill, and the Texas Rangers became a pitchers farm system for the rest of the MLB. Chan Ho Park, Rick Helling, Aaron Sele, and Cocoa Cordero are just a few notable names that have come and gone in ye olde ballpark.

Every year, the Rangers flirt with getting big pitching, but that “hitter’s park” scares the wits out of them. Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens, among others have come through and gave the Rangers a big “nay” because of it. A perfect example is the recent Rangers inability to re-sign pitchers such as Adam Eaton and Kip Wells. I’m telling you, if they don’t re-sign Padilla, I may scream.

In conclusion, it’s the ballpark!

PS: The one exception to this grassy knoll theory is Kenny Rogers’ perfect game.



I’ve been a longtime Rangers fan, and have followed them heavy since the 1993 season.

Here you will find me ranting about my favorite baseball team, among other local sports teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, Dallas Mavericks, and Fort Worth Flyers. Anyway, just introducing myself to the MLB blog world. I’ll be back tomorrow with some rants, and perhaps a vintage Rangers story.